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Smoking Kills Intimacy: Learning How Smoking Affects Relationships Greatly and How to Save Such

When it comes to traits and aspects that one dislikes in a person on a general note, smoking is among the list of the least desirable ones. In the event that a smoker is to involve themselves into a relationship, specifically, to a partner who is a non-smoker, then there will be a ton of things that will be put in line. These smokers will then basically put everything in line at risk, especially the health of their partner who is not into smoking even before they are involved in the relationship.

With this type of relationship setup, surely, problems will then most likely be among the daily routines that both will have to encounter and fix. Basically speaking, the only way to have such problem lifted is when smoking is removed out of the equation but what if there is a possible way for you to keep such without having to risk going through problems and arguments on a daily basis?

To give you a heads up, we will be tackling not just about the possible risks of mixing smoking into a relationship but also a possible way for smokers to consider to save both their addiction to smoking and their treasured relationship at the same time.
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The very first thing that will then be at risk with being a smoker and being with a smoker is the fact that reproductive health will then be affected, reducing sperm count and quality at the same time. Furthermore, the hormone concentrations in men will be affected on a large scale as well. There really are just more than just that because technically speaking, this also leads to impotence and erectile dysfunction for men. Women who are smokers will then get a higher chance of miscarriage and giving birth to a child, regardless of gender, that is unhealthy.
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Secondhand smoking also is a thing that non-smokers will get, which actually has more risks to the people around, especially to those who are non-smokers. Not to mention that people who are asthmatic are at risk of such as well so in the event that this habit goes on, you will then risk your future children to a number of complications.

For those who are in a relationship and have been having problems with smoking, electric cigarettes should help alleviate and save the relationship. It really pays to give such electric cigarette a shot, considering the fact that this does not have the harmful chemicals that you can find in a real cigarette but also assures that this is rather safer than the real one, considering the fact that this has been engineered in a way to resolve such issues in the first place.